Emerging Media in a Consumer Driven World


Your first post should serve as an introduction to the blog. Write about why emerging media matters, how we interact with it daily and how it’s influencing our world and the products and services we use. Add to your blog on separate days as much as possible; this will enable you to take a fresh approach with each posting. Be creative with embedding links, images, charts and videos. Blogs should be professional, well-written (and edited) and thought-provoking. Do not use Internet or text shorthand – write in full sentences.

Welcome to my blog on Emerging and New Media. For the next nine, weeks I will be participating in West Virginia University’s IMC 619 course on Emerging Media. Throughout the course, I will be posting to this blog discussing various topics on emerging or new media and how it affects the world today in relation to consumerism and how we use it.

What is Emerging Media or New Media?

New Media has many definitions, although this concept is primarily refers to as accessing information on-demand, anywhere, at any time and on any device in order to interact with anybody. Yes, this definition is very broad, but it presents an accurate approach to how our world interacts and markets to consumers in the twenty-first century. With the explosion of the internet, digital technology and mobile devices, marketers now have the ability to capture more data than ever before on every consumer. This data, also known as Big Data, Marketers even capture consumer’s interests and dislikes and are able to make associations to their friends and family, their hobbies, internet searches and more. Owning such data gives marketers the ability to market to consumers at the highest targeted level that was never possible before (even just 5 or 10 years ago) and it continues to evolve and expand every day.

New Media and the Demand Generation

new-funnel-for-blog_0Capturing a 360-degree view around the consumer gives marketers the ability to break through the vast amount of “noise” present in the world today. Using the Big Data collected about consumers gives marketers and brands a strategic advantage to reach their targeted buyer and make a connection or build a relationship that other brands may not be able to do.

Consumers today are in control of the buying process and marketers have to become more helpful and provide educational and valuable information to help the consumer make their decision as they proactively research products and competitors on the internet and various new media channels. This personal and consultative connection could mean the difference between a consumer making a purchase with that brand or deciding to buy from another brand. Having the ability to know the consumer and connecting with them at the right time with the right content is paramount in today’s world through new and emerging media.


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