Building Relationships with B2B Customers By Creating Personas


For far too long marketers have divided the world of business into two classes, B2C and B2B. However, I never understood this concept as we deal with people in both cases. Does it really matter if a business is buying service or product or a consumer? I think not, because both have a need, demand, pain point and/or a challenge to solve.

In the world of B2B, buyers are people who generally are looking for a solution to their corporate problem versus a personal problem or need. In this scenario, the buyer or decision maker is tasked with looking for a product or service to solve their company’s need. Where do most people turn when they have to find something? Google, of course.

Marketers today must market to B2B customers just as they would B2C. Understanding target personas or target buyer profiles and their pain points will help marketers to create an engaging content strategy. Developing blog articles or premium content that solves your persona’s problems will lead to organic traffic from those searching for your answers in Google and in turn leads. This will also ensue shareability as people tend to share content they find valuable and helpful.

In the end by developing content targeting your persona’s pain point you will develop stronger relationships with your target audience, build trust with your customers and increase your brand’s followership.


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